Top 5 soup makers

For quick healthy soups.

Top 5 soup makers for quick healthy soups.

Soups are lovely to have, they are nutritional, comforting and filling it’s a dish that can work well as a quick bite at lunch or even as a dinner. If you want to up your vegetable intake for the day this is perfect in just one dish. Soup makers can save you the time that you haven’t got just literally pop your ingredients in, add stock and let the soup maker go to work. You will have a hassle free meal in no time.

Best for super quick soups – Salter ek2411 soup maker

Got literally no time at all? This handy machine here can whip up a hearty bowl in a rapid 20 minutes! The stainless steel jug has a large 1.1 litre capacity there are also four auto settings that will blend the soup to your desired thickness. It has a smart control system that will prevent over spill and dry burning, the jug will also detach from the unit for simple cleaning, click the link below to see others feedback and check out more images.


Best for features – Morphy Richards 501020 total control soup maker.


Look, I know it looks like a kettle lol but this comes with a range of super cool features that make soup making a breeze. There’s a portion control function that will adapt the cooking time to suit the portion size that you select, also there is a reheat button that takes care of the leftovers you may have. The stainless steel pan is really easy to rinse. You can see more pictures close up by clicking the amazon link below.

Best if you have a tiny kitchen – Tefal BL841140 easy soup


This compact gadget will take up minimal worktop space in your kitchen, and its so, so easy to use you can create soups in literally the flick of two switches. It has a stay warm feature which keeps things insulated for up to two hours the handy self cleaning program means you don’t need to worry about the scrubbing after, that’s always a bonus. Have a look at this on amazons website just click the link below.


Easiest to use – Lakeland touchscreen soup maker


This sleek machine has a touchscreen that will let you cut, blend, cook, simmer and stir in one sturdy jug. The four different settings can make smooth or chunky soups for you in as little as 30 minutes and you can control the cooking time and temperature manually to produce the exact consistency your looking for. Whats also cool is it has an ice crushing setting that you can make lemonade and other drinks if you wish. Even more feedback by clicking link below.


Best for versatility- Cuisinart soup maker plus ssb3u

Cuisinarts offers four blending speeds for a variety of different soup styles and has a saute function and a slow stir setting which you can make curries with. And you can also just use It as a blender for smoothies. Your gonna need to be a little more hands on with this one as there is a lack of preset programs like the others, but it allows you to get a bit more creative this also comes with a recipe book.

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