The Best Wireless Running Headphones.

The best wireless running headphones.

A pair of headphones can really be a major factor while running, if they are not comfy, don’t fit you properly or if the battery dies to quick it can be really annoying! But if you get the right pair it can be the main instrument to keep you motivated throughout your whole run. Here are my top earphones for running.


Jaybird Run.



The jaybird run headphones are the best you can get in my opinion, and I came to that conclusion by the amazingly comfortable fit of these wireless earbuds, the sound on these is also very very impressive I must say. You can also set up the jaybird buds with a partner app, now they are a little bit on the pricey side but without a shadow of a doubt jaybird have done an amazing job of these.


Apple Airpods



Now if you are looking for a truly wireless set of headphones, then the airpods are for you, now the weird shape of them does not work for everyone, but I have found them ideal for running. The pods are very lightweight for running and they are not so sound muffling that you can not hear any of the outside world around you either, the battery life is actually very good too, five hours the carry case doubles as a portable battery that will charge the pods. And obviously the airpods will connect a lot faster to apple products than other brands.


Aftershockz Trekz Air

The bone conducting technology that is used in these headphones, allows them to deliver music, podcasts, or whatever else through your cheekbones, leaving your ears open to take In noise, this makes the trekz useful for people who run around busy city streets. And for those that want to hear instructions from marshals at races.


Avanca D1 Sports Headphones.

Now as a budget option the avanca headphones don’t match the sound quality of the others but they do offer a tight, secure fit, a reliable Bluetooth connection, and a pretty good 8 hour battery life. If you are on the hunt for a bargain these are perfect.


Plantronics Backbeat FIT

If the fit is your top priority for headphones, you cant do any better than these. Basically once these are on they are not going anywhere for the remainder of your run, now the sound quality is decent but not as good as some of the others, the battery life Is up to eight hours, cool little feature to they tell you how much juice you have left when you switch them on.


Monster isport Intensity

The intensity has a slightly open design to let some ambient noise in when running, it is handy to have some awareness of the world around you. These also offer an excellent, secure fit, six hours of battery life and quality sound.

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