The Best Running Socks

Now for runners there is not one piece of clothing that is more underrated than socks are, while you may spend weeks getting the best shoe you can possibly find out there the chances are you will not spend long selecting your socks.

This is a huge mistake, finding good socks will not only reduce blisters, will also keep your feet dry and cool and they will make the run just feel right.

Here are some of the best socks to consider.


Stance Mesa Crew

Stance socks are long time favourites for running, training or generally just walking around, and they have just improved due to the new feel 360 fabric that has been built into a lot of stances socks. Now while all running socks are designed to dry quickly feel 360 is on a different level they dry within like 5 minutes crazy stuff!


1000 mile fusion anklet sock

if you get blisters after long runs, but don’t want to sacrifice the comfort of padded socks these are worth trying out, instead of the sock rubbing your skin, the top layer actually rubs he bottom layer to reduce all friction. They have also included padding on the heel, ankle, toes and the ball of the foot, now these socks slip more than usual in the shoe but a lot of people swear by them.


Happy Socks Athletic

Liven up your outfit with these crazy socks! They come with arch support, a cushioned sole and a light compression for extra snugness, the thickness of them makes them suited well in the winter months.

Runderwear Anti Blister running sock.

These socks have two layers of fabric to avoid blisters, the idea being is that one layer rubs against the other instead of your skin, it’s also highly breathable for moisture management, runderwear also have a low rise option for those who prefer their sock to cut off around the top of their trainer.

Injinji run 2.0 mid weight


Now toe socks are a bit of a pain to put on, but are amazing for people who have regular blisters because they prevent toe on toe rubbing which is annoying to say the least they have a range of different designs so you can match with whatever outfit you have on.

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