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Garmin Forerunner 620 GPS Running Watch Review.



Really nice piece of kit here from Garmin a respected brand, has a touch screen and connects to Garmin community, the things that make this watch stand out is the combination of speed, cadence, breathing and ground contact time to improve your performance.

The forerunner 620 is the big brother from the forerunner 610, the 620 is built for those really serious runners and is basically your personal running coach. The 620 also has the technology to figure out your VO max- which is the maximum capacity of a person’s body to transport and use oxygen during exercise. This measures your overall fitness level. As well based on your heart rate data and history the 620 can figure out exactly when you have made a full recovery and ready to go again.

Now normally the downside to a lot of GPS watches is that they are useless when you are training indoors on a track or treadmill, not with the 620 though, all the running you do indoor can be tracked and used in determining your running form and recovery time, your data can be uploaded onto Garmin connect and shared with the massive community which is pretty cool.

This watch is really fast at finding satellites, the heart rate monitor provides accurate readings, all in all a really top notch watch.

Spec of the 620  

  • Full colour touch screen display
  • Comfortable lightweight design
  • Automatic live updates to Garmin Connect
  • Compatible with iPhone and other apps via Bluetooth technology
  • Built-in accelerometer tracks your pace and distance when running on a track or treadmill indoors
  • When paired with heart rate monitor, the Forerunner 620 measures cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time to help improve your running form
  • Race predictor
  • Recovery advisor
  • VO2 max estimate

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